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Transportation Infrastructures

Transportation infrastructure authorities worldwide are facing a huge challenge every day trying to maintain, upgrade to modern day needs, and prolong the life of existing structures. Fibrwrap Rehabilitation Systems (FRS®) are implemented in transportation infrastructure projects (bridges, tunnels, viaducts etc.) throughout the world since 1988.

Fibrwrap provides, through the implementation of TRS®, the ability to rehabilitate, repair, seismically upgrade and enhance the structural capacity of existing structures (bridges, viaducts, tunnels, retaining walls). Also, it completely satisfies the demands for structural preservation, corrosion related repair and rehabilitation, additional loading, and environmental protection. Apart from satisfying a wide range of requirements and demands, the client also benefits due to the fact that all applications can be carried out with minimum disturbance to traffic and normal every day procedures.

The FRS® can be used to enhance the structural capacity of column, girders, piers and decks of existing transportation structures, hence covering the requirements for additional strength, repair, and rehabilitation. Fibrwrap carried out the first composite retrofit of bridge columns in the United States. This was possible because in the 1980’s, the very first research program conducted on the FRS® was on bridge columns for added strength and confinement. These tests were quite successful and they led to the development of design procedures for various structural elements such as columns, beams/pier caps, walls, slabs/soffits and beam-column connections.

Significant advantages of the FRS® include: rehabilitation of corroded or distressed members, prolongation of service life, seismic retrofit of structures, increased load capacity, emergency repairs, minimum disruption of operational status (traffic) and architecturally-friendly solutions for aesthetics of structures.

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When involved in the rehabilitation or structural upgrade of an old structure or the construction of a new building, FIBRWRAP® comes with a value-engineered approach to provide cost effective solutions to owners, architects and structural designers. Building owners are presented with challenges such as structural strengthening, rehabilitation, seismic retrofit and upgrade, change of use, additional loading and general repair of their properties.

Fibrwrap’s presence in the market dates back to 1988. Fibrwrap uses the Fibrwrap Rehabilitation Systems (FRS®) which are engineered, specified and installed to solve a host of structural deficiencies or demands in existing buildings. All structural elements of a building (beams, columns, slabs, walls) can be repaired or upgraded to the building owner specific needs in a small time period enabling the owner to use part of the building during the works. Additionally the owner is able to accommodate architectural requirements since the alteration of the cross section of structural elements is minimal.

The FRS® are used in all types of buildings such as municipal, private, residential and commercial. The scope or the use of these systems is to increase the strength of existing columns, beams, slabs, walls and connections. They cover the need for seismic retrofit, strengthening due to corrosion, historical-structural preservation, added loads, change of use (e.g. commercial-to-residential, removal of bays and addition of new openings), or in some cases, the correction of an existing defect due to a construction or design error. These buildings can be occupied or un-occupied at the time of retrofit.

Additionally, Fibrwrap can provide fire protection of the composite application through implementation of its advanced fire protection materials, offering up to 4-hour rating and also systems for flame and smoke spread rating. Finally, the FRS® can be finished to match or have aesthetic continuity with existing elements on exposed structural elements.

Industrial, Silos and Energy Producing Facilities

Through their technology, Fibrwrap Rehabilitation Systems (FRS®) offer a series of advantages to industrial facility owners. These are prolongation of expected life of existing structures, undisturbed productivity during repair works, reduction of maintenance cost and minimum environmental footprint.

Existing industrial facilities made of reinforced concrete, including buildings, silos, and chimneys, are in a continuous need for repair due to the nature of the surroundings and the heavy use. Fibrwrap enhances its expertise through an engineered approach of identifying the root of the problem, hence offering a long term solution in structural repair and restoration of structures.

The result is prolongation of expected life of existing structures giving the owner the advantage of cutting down on costs of maintenance. It is also proven through many applications that the FRS® can resist corrosion, when applied to concrete in aggressive environments. Also, the significantly small environmental footprint of the application of composite materials, in contrast with other more traditional methods, is a major advantage to the client.

Especially for silos and chimneys, Fibrwrap has developed application techniques in order to provide a quick result, hence allowing the owner to commence operation within a small time frame. The FRS® are ideal for strengthening industrial structures because of their high strength-to-weight ratio and their ease of installation. They can be installed with minimal impact to the operations of the structure and are easily installed around existing equipment and instrumentation.

Owners, not only benefit from the minimal or non-disturbance of normal operation, but also from the significant decrease in maintenance cost and the extension of the service life of their facilities.

Pipelines and Liquid Storage Structures

Fibrwrap Rehabilitation Systems (FRS®) consist of specially developed and environmentally friendly materials to satisfy the need for repair of pipes (concrete, steel) and liquid storage structures. Pipelines and liquid storage facilities are in constant need for maintenance and cost effective working condition.

Fibrwrap® has developed systems which not only satisfy the requirements for repair, rehabilitation and insulation but also comply with the most stringent environmental specifications for composite materials in unison with liquids and especially drinking water networks. Furthermore, especially for pipe rehabilitation, Fibrwrap is using the FRS®, a trenchless technology method for the repair, strengthening and retrofit of corrosion-damaged and distressed large-diameter PCCP, RCCP, and steel pressure pipelines used in municipal, industrial and other facilities.

Although the above trenchless methods are developed so that owners avoid any hassle, they can also be used externally on pipes, thus allowing the facilities to operate normally even though the repair works are in progress. Decades of continuous service of large diameter buried pressure pipelines have led to deterioration that threatens their structural integrity. These water transmission lines or large diameter pressure pipes can be strengthened using the FRS® either internally or externally.

The owner benefits substantially from the small FRS® application time, hence from the minimum down time of their systems.

Waterfront Structures

Fibrwrap Rehabilitation Systems (FRS®) are constantly used because of their technological advantages (under- and near-water applications) on a variety of waterfront structures (piers, wharfs, jetties, etc.). Because of the extremely aggressive environment, these structures are in a condition of constant deterioration, hence they suffer from loss of strength mainly due to corrosion.

The FRS® are developed and installed to these structures in order to provide rehabilitation of corroded sections, extension of service life, seismic repairs, underwater repair of structures, cathodic protection and even enhancement for change of use (e.g. commercial to industrial loads). The FRS® include epoxies developed for partial or underwater curing, pre-fabricated FRP jackets, grouts for the jacketing system and cathodic protection system. The FRS® are designed to regain the capacity of corrosion damaged structures in and around waterways. Also, whether wet lay-up or pre-fabricated, they can be installed on circular, octagonal, rectangular and alternatively-shaped cross sections.

In addition to protecting structural elements and regaining their original strength, the FRS® may also be designed to increase the original capacity for change-of-use retrofit projects.



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