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Fyfe Europe

The Tyfo Fibrwrap System (TFS)

Mr. Edward Fyfe started the Fyfe Company in 1988 with the idea to strengthen deficient bridge columns in California using aerospace materials. Fyfe’s leading product line is the TYFO® Fibrwrap® System (TFS®).

  • The TFS® has been tested and proven for predictable structural performance and environmental durability. Thousands of structural and material tests, both destructive and non-destructive, have been performed on the TFS®. These include both full and large-scale structural testing for a variety of design goals, long-term environmental durability testing and in-situ testing of actual installations.
  • The TFS® has been thoroughly reviewed and approved by many independent authorities, research institutions and universities

Fyfe Europe S.A. (FESA), the European Fyfe Company, is committed to develop long-term relationships with Fibrwrap customers by providing the best possible technical consulting, and by delivering the most professional, up-to-date solutions through continuous research and innovation.

FESA provides Fibrwrap customers with personalized technical support to help with projects from the feasibility stage to project completion. FESA develops turn-key solutions for any structural problem. Information is provided in a form of alternative designs, including a cost-benefit analysis, to ensure that the owners receive all they need to make informative decisions on how a project should proceed.  

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Black Hawk

Blast Engineering & Safety Specialists

Black Hawk has been established to serve in a holistic mode the unique protection needs of anything valuable: human life, tangible, and intangible assets.

Black Hawk’s core business activity is the protection of structures from extreme hazards (blast, impact, ballistic and fire). This activity is supported by a specialized group of people with solid background in engineering, construction and asset management, and security administration and execution.

Current increasing concern about human life and structural preservation against extreme hazards like terrorist attacks and antipiracy measures are top priorities for asset owners, designers, government agencies and others concerned to enhance the protection of their personnel and assets.

Black Hawk provides complete protection engineering services. Such protection can be depicted (see banner figure above) as a multi-layer, softer-to-harder deterrent set of shielding measures (portrayed in shades of red), which are able to defend and minimize the risk of life-loss or asset value-degradation.

Protection Strategies
Each type of facility requires a different protection strategy. Such strategies depend on the efficient integration of many disparate factors, including cultural, political and operational modalities; policing and security laws and standards; engineering practice, innovation and guides; and the level of attention, funds and skills focused on a particular protection or issue.

Regardless of protection strategy, an efficient system needs to include the layered approach of protective measures: the “cold” protective measures offered by the State, Government, or local police authorities (over which the client has no control) need to be supplemented by the “hot” protective measures which Black Hawk develops, designs and installs.

The multi-tiered nature of protection is illustrated by the graphic presented below (figure above, shades of blue). As depicted, especially in the outer blue-tinged tiers, protection can be viewed as a filtering and winnowing down process whereby each tier or layer of protection offers opportunities for interdiction and discovery, while at the same time reducing the size and frequency of threat due to the fear of discovery and the difficulty of operating.

In contrast, protection strategies associated with a specific facility (figure above, shades of red) may include: designing blasts-resistant columns, walls, and windows; physical security measures such as anti-ram barriers, fencing, enhanced lighting, CCTVs, and secure entry-points; and operational procedures such as patrol, special response teams, neighborhood watches, and security training to provide heightened surveillance and vigilance. Protection for a building or facility does not begin at the entrance, but it is part of an overall fabric of multi-tiered, interwoven, and integrated procedures.

Protection, Implementation Process
To implement the above Protection Strategies, Black Hawk operates in the following 3-step series of predefined actions: (i) Situation and Structural Assessment, (ii) Protection System Design, (iii) System Installation (construction). The whole process (study, design and installation) is supported by a vigorous continuous research and development program. This process is described below.


Advanced Materials - Research & Development

The core philosophy of DYMAT® is to enhance materials and products to solve industry challenges. DYMAT® accomplishes this by focusing on three main principles: resilience, performance and sustainability. Through university research, finite element modeling, material sourcing, optimization and a dedication to these principles, DYMAT designs over industry challenges and sets a new bar for competition.

The company has developed its patented DYMAT® Dual Seismic Isolation (DuSI) System, a unique seismic isolation system that utilizes DYMAT® Performance Slider (PS) Bearings in combination with the new DYMAT® Carbon-Fiber Reinforced (CFR) Bearings. The DYMAT® PS Bearings provide the energy dissipation while the DYMAT® CFR Bearings provide the restoring force to the structure.

DYMAT® has also developed the SilaCar line of fire-protection silicon-based materials that can be applied on traditional materials (brick, concrete, steel) or can be used in conjunction with FRPs to protect them from the adverse effects of high temperatures.

Schirmen Technologies

Advanced Protection Systems for Signature Bridges

Schirmen Technologies was created to develop and manufacture advanced protection systems to mitigate the vulnerability of critical transportation infrastructure. Through high-fidelity physics-based (HFPB) finite element models and live testing, Schirmen Technologies engineers provide efficient, economical and site-specific solutions.

Landmark suspension and cable-stay bridges across the world have different vulnerabilities based on their size, stand-off, cable configurations, connections and proximity to local authorities among many other variables. All such variables greatly influence the efficacy of potential terrorist threats against a bridge. Schirmen Technologies uses advanced materials and modeling methods to design, tailor-made protection and resilience measures specific to each cable-shield configuration.



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