Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to the FAQs section.

This is a fast and easy-to-read guide to the most common questions a prospective Fibrwrap franchisee may have. Go through this list of FAQs to find quick answers or follow the links.

Process & Support

I am eager to get started. How long does the set up process typically take?

While every case is different, the typical period of time between the signing of the Franchise Agreement and the opening of your new business is approximately 2 months.

How do I know if there are good opportunities in my area?

Structural rehabilitation is normally a booming business. There are always new opportunities, so check the available countries and complete the “Fibrwrap Franchise: Online Application.” Our Area Sales Manager will contact you to discuss further information regarding your country of interest and available opportunities.

Do I have to leave my current job?

Definitely! A Fibrwrap Franchise is a full time job and requires dedication and full commitment.

How do I know if the Fibrwrap Franchise concept suits me?

We have compiled a list of 10 basic traits that make up the ideal business candidate. The more traits you possess, the more suitable you are for the job.


What if I don’t know anything about these services or this business?

Although you will have our full support, running a Fibrwrap Franchise is still a demanding job and, therefore, there is a list of minimum prerequisites to acquire a license. Check the requirements here and in case you are not eligible, you will need to employ an eligible person to run your business.

What type of training can new franchisees expect to receive?

Key personnel (up to three people) of the Franchisee are trained to the basic operations of a typical Fibrwrap project. Training covers all basic theory and includes hands-on sessions. Upon successful completion, the Franchisee is awarded the “Certified FIBRWRAP® Applicator” status.
The training material offered to new members of the organization covers: (a) basic knowledge of the group,  (b) corporate operations, (c) theoretical operator/applicator training, and (d) on-site/hands-on training.

Will the training take place in my country?

 As a rule, training takes place in the franchisee’s country. Sometimes, Fibrwrap Group may choose a different country for more advanced or more relative to a particular project training.

How much advertising & marketing support should I count on?

Fibrwrap Group operates as a marketing and advertising consultant to each Franchisee. You can expect full support at every stage of your company’s development, from the very beginning, through the first two years of operations, and then ongoing support.
Marketing and advertising support includes corporate-approved marketing tools, in both printed and electronic formats such as: stationery, signs, folders, advertising brochures and flyers, posters, adverts, project briefs, apparel and e-communication tools (website, newsletters, e-cards, presentations and videos).

What countries does Fibrwrap operate in?

Check available areas and the Fibrwrap Group Territory here.

In red, countries where Fibrwrap Companies exist. In green, territories operated by existing Fibrwrap Companies. The available territories are shown in grey. Choose your preferred territory of operation and complete the “Fibrwrap Franchise: Online Application”.

Financial & Franchise Agreement Elements

Is my territory protected?

Yes! You are the sole and exclusive Franchisee in your selected territory.

Will the Fibrwrap technologies be exclusively available?

Yes, in your country of operation.

What are the franchise fees?

The entry fee is 20.000 Euros. Other fees and royalties apply, depending on the financial program of your choice. For detailed information on available financial programs, click here.

What if I come across a project that is too big for me or that I don’t know how to handle it?

You definitely will, especially early on! Our technical support personnel is always available and ready to assist you with projects of any scale. We can offer you support for project design, costing, equipment, staffing, and project management & financing, as needed. So feel confident. With our support, you can get the job done, no matter how small or big it is.

What is a Franchise Disclosure Agreement (FDA) and how do I obtain the document?

The Franchise Disclosure Agreement (FDA) describes in detail how the Fibrwrap Franchise relationship operates and specifies how the company is organized. Once we positively evaluate your completed Application for Additional Information (Download), the FDA will be forwarded to you.



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